Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life is short

Life is short.

This is a saying that we here all the time and wave away without another thought. It takes particular situations that occur to remind us - life is really short and precious. You never know what the next hour or day may bring so you need to make each moment count. Celebrate every aspect of your life from the mundane to the extraordinary. Put your energies into things that count and not waste them on the inconsequential things you can not change.

I was at a funeral for my husband's grandmother over the weekend. She lived a long, good and at times very hard life of 86 years. The last 4 years had been very difficult as she suffered with dimension and was not always present. As I sat through the service and the events of the day that followed I was reminded how short life is and that this was truly a time to celebrate her life.

Through out the day I listened to gripes from one family member to another - this person didn't contribute money for the lunch, how could that person show up dressed like that, this person never calls me back. This went on for hours and hours. It was exhausting and emotionally draining. No one knows when their time or a loved one's time is going to come. To focus energies in a negative way serves no purpose in my world. This day wasn't about the individuals, it was about celebrating her.

Life is short! Make every moment count! Celebrate life fully!

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