Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the itch

When I enrolled in the teacher training program I hadn't made a clear decision if teaching yoga was something I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to further my own practice, develop my knowledge of yoga and develop my teaching skills which could be applied to my "day job" and life in general.

This past weekend was our 1st real weekend of teaching. WOW! It was AWESOME! At the end of the day I had a huge grin from ear to ear and all I could think of was when can I do more - when can I start teaching.

That evening I had dinner with friends and was sharing my feelings of the day and found myself getting more and more excited about the idea of teaching. I felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas day to come so I could open the presents. I started planning in my head how I might be able to offer free classes to friends I practice with to get more experience, to start teaching... to scratch the itch.

I have been contemplating since then the idea of teaching and what about the experience creating that itch. One of the things I have come to is something one of my teachers has said on many occasions. She says that she gets as much from watching us practice while she teaches as she gets from her own practice. At the times that she has said that I thought okay, maybe, but it cant really be that good. I have been observing this teacher's classes and I now know that what she said is true. I feel that amazing energy from observing and watching the students have their experience and I am not even doing the teaching. I can't even imagine how awesome it will be when it is actually my class.

I guess that is it, that question of if I want to teach is answered.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

stepping in front of the mat

Over the past month and half, in teacher training, we have been focusing on principles, methodologies, sequencing, anatomy - the fundamentals. Today, for the 1st time, we stepped to the other side - we stepped in front of the mat and took the seat of the teacher.

At first I could feel the butterflies in my stomach - the anticipation of standing in front of my peers. Having to speak, give guidance, give direction. Would I fuddle my words? How would I know what to say? How would I know what to observe? Would I forget the name of the pose? There is so much to observe, to remember, to focus on. How would it all work?

Well, it did. Its just that simple. I have the knowledge within, its all there and it will come out when it is needed.

We all have everything we need already inside of us, we are innately good. This is one of the main principles of the tantric philosophy. When the time comes we will know how to open. We will have the words. We will have the confidence. We will open to grace. Remembering this, gives me the strength and the support to step to the other side of the mat and take this new seat, the seat of a the teacher.

Om Namah Shivaya Gurave
I honor the auspicious light and goodness in myself and all beings that is my true teacher

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