Tuesday, May 24, 2011

feeling bad

As I looked back on the previous week and how I did with adhering to my promises I had set for myself I commented to my coach that I was "feeling bad" about breaking a promise. She quickly reminded me that "feeling bad" is simply a distraction. 

A distraction, really?? No, it not - it is how I feel. I really feel bad.


Come on now! Stop being such a brat.

What am I creating a distraction from? From the reality of why I didn't keep my promise. I had the choice to keep my promise or not. I chose to not keep it. Yes, I can feel bad that I didn't keep it... where it that going to get me. Feeling bad doesn't change it. Feeling bad doesn't bring me closer to the promise or my ultimate dreams and desires for myself. Feeling bad simply gives me a distraction from dealing with the real question - why didn't I keep it?

Do you have something you avoiding doing or dealing with because "you feel bad"? What distractions are you creating for yourself instead of focusing on what matters to get you closer to your dream?

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