Tuesday, May 17, 2011

communication is key

I am reminded over and over how important clear communication is.

From the little things to the important things.  Making sure the paint color selection is communicated with the foreman in charge of construction (otherwise you end up with stark white walls - at least they are freshly painted and white. It could have been worse  - fuchsia or green). To using the correct words when instructing a class - saying lift your right arm to the sky, not left arm to sky when balancing on left hand in side plank and having the students look at me with the eyes saying "how the f_ _ _ am I suppose to do that - levitate?")   To the important things like clearly communicating  my intention in a friendship, business relationship, etc..

When we are clear in our communication we are acting within integrity (alignment of mind, body and speech.) When we act within integrity the little voices turn off, we find a calm within and a happiness.

How clear are you in your communication?

Are you clear with yourself as to what your message is, what your intent is? 

Are you clear in how you say it?

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