Monday, October 26, 2009

doing nothing

It is so easy to get caught up in "doing." I always seem to have a list of things I need to do (laundry, cleaning, work, dishes, etc..) and a list of things I want to do (run, hike, yoga, ready, cook.) At the end of the day I tend to judge the value of the day by what I accomplished - what I got done.

This Sunday was the most perfect autumn day. I was up early and did a number of things - long walk, made breakfast, laundry, assisted a class. I hadn't taken a morning asana class like I normally do and figured I would go to one later in the day and get that done. After that I would maybe clean the house and then make dinner. I would have a productive afternoon.

I came home from the store and it was absolutely beautiful out. We decided to make a fire outside and have lunch. As I sat and enjoyed the warmth of the sun (and the fire) I started thinking about how much I felt like I still had to do that day. I knew I had already had a very productive (even busy) day at that point yet at the same time I still felt like I had not done enough. I felt like there was still so much to do. I was focusing so much on crossing things off my list, crossing off my daily accomplishments so I could say "I did all of this, look how productive I was" that I wasn't truly enjoying the moment. I realized I need to let go of the voices in my head, my lists, my need to accomplish things and needed to just do nothing. Just be. Be present in the glorious day and just enjoy. For the next hour my husband and I just sat in front of the fire on this most perfect autumn day and did nothing. We did "nothing" yet nothing became the most important something. We just enjoyed. We were present within ourselves and with each other.

Take time to do nothing. Take time to silence the voices and the lists and enjoy the moment and just be. Do nothing, it can be the most important something.

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