Thursday, February 17, 2011

and now the work begins

Many of my teachers/peers have been talking and raving about the work they have been doing with The Handel Group. The Handel Group is an executive and life coaching company. They coach participants to look at their lives, consciously create their dreams, look at what is keeping them from their dreams and then author their life. Make the dreams a reality.

For some time now I have felt that where I am at in my life (professionally and personally) has just happened to me, that I didn't create (or author as the Handel Group would say) it. Through my practice I been questioning and contemplating this more & more.

    How did I get here?
    Is this where I want to be?
    Where am I going?
    I have a great life - is it enough?
    Is there more I can be?

I am stepping into the fire. Instead of leaving it up to the chance of what will happen,  I have decided to take charge, I will be the author of my life and design it how I want it to be.
Last night I had my 1st coaching session with my life coach. I have stepped into the crucible and ignited the flame - its going to get hot.

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